Hummer H2 2019 Interior, Model And Price

The 2019 Hummer H2 SUT for the sport-utility truck concept is introduced. Hummer rechristened the H1, the H2 SUV combined tactical toughness with luxury features and added some practicality. the hummer h2 Power and engine sizes varied throughout the H2’s seven-year existence, but they were always GM-sourced small-block LS V8’s, an engine that has powered everything from Suburbans to 240SX drift cars.

Hummer H2 2019
Hummer H2 2019

Hummer H2 engine and onward got the 6.2-liter. That one had a declared 403 (HP) and 417 lb-ft of energy on tap. The gear-box was also upgraded to a far best but still kind of shitty six-speed unit. It was fitted with a lightly more “sophisticated” four-wheel-drive system than conventional Chevy trucks front overhang, and a 47-degree approach angle, the H2 could easily outclimb a Chevrolet Tahoe, its mechanical cousin, but would still get humiliated in the trails by a Hummer 2. But the difficulty with the H2 diesel was not I want one” factor; GM sold quite a some of them. The issue was that the H2 was releas at a time when recognition of climate change, cleaner cars, decreased carbon emissions, and hybrid and electric propulsion were starting to be serious things.

2019 Hummer H2

The hummer h2 interior hood was covered with CFC ExteriorStyle Premium “black carbon”, and side windows, along with the rear window, were furnished with CutLine ThermoTec of the “classic-style” color.The Hummer driver can enjoy the saucy performance to the full in a totally stuffed cabin: Car Entertainment devices create a sort of incantation here.

H2 2019 features

Hummer h2 specs are 17 Axion displays (on the ceiling, sunscreen, central console between the front seats, trunk, and doors), a DVD-player, XETEC amplifiers, XETEC subwoofers and digital television to feast your eyes on. Front and backward movement cameras simplify the parking process. Everyone who appreciates convenience can comfortably sit on the leather couch right next to the mini-bar.
the Hummer h2 2018 second-row captain chairs, a new third-row-seat storage option, Bluetooth, real-time traffic updates, OnStar in the navigation system, revised standalone rearview camera and a heated power-tilt steering wheel.

Hummer h2 price

Hummer H2 2019 features:

  • cruise control,
  • heated front and rear seats,
  • 8-way power front seats,
  • a dual memory system,
  • BOSE premium sound system,
  • 6-disc CD changer,
  • outside-temperature indicator,
  • compass,
  • rear radio controls,
  • leather upholstery,
Hummer H2 engine
Hummer H2 engine
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Hummer h2 
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